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Signed Retainer / Fee Agreement
Type of Accident Car Accident
Contingency fee Custom
Date of incident June 12, 2023
Accident Location Lake Worth, Florida
Currently represented by attorney? No
Was The Client At Fault? No

Injuries Overview

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Summary Of Case Details

Accident Summary

  • On June 12th, 2023, the Plaintiff was riding her electric bike home from work in Lake Worth, Florida. As she approached her apartment complex, she began to make a turn into the entrance. Suddenly, without warning, a large vehicle came up behind her and struck her electric bike from the rear. The driver of the vehicle had apparently failed to see the plaintiff as she was making her turn.
  • The impact of the collision sent the plaintiff flying off her electric bike. As she stated in her own words, "the guy behind me didn't see me and hit me from behind." The force was significant enough to cause serious injury to the plaintiff's body.
  • Police and an ambulance arrived at the scene of the accident. The police determined that the other driver was at fault for the collision. The plaintiff was then transported by ambulance to JFK Hospital, where she was admitted for treatment of her injuries approximately two hours after the accident occurred.

Injuries Summary:

  • As a result of the accident, the plaintiff suffered injuries to her left shoulder and the lower part of her back. In her own words, she described the pain, stating, "I can't move my shoulder and my back hurts all the time." The pain is not constant but rather comes and goes, particularly when she moves. As the plaintiff put it, "it comes and goes when I move" and "it's hard to move."
  • The extent of the injuries to her left shoulder and lower back have significantly impacted the plaintiff's mobility and quality of life. The pain she experiences when attempting to move these parts of her body has made it challenging for her to carry out her daily activities and responsibilities.

Further Damages Caused To Plaintiff By Accident:

  • Unable to work: Due to the injuries sustained in the accident, particularly to her left shoulder and lower back, the plaintiff was unable to work for a period of time. This loss of income has likely caused financial strain and added stress to an already difficult situation.
  • Ongoing pain and mobility issues: The injuries to her left shoulder and lower back continue to cause the plaintiff significant pain and difficulty moving. This ongoing physical discomfort and limitation in mobility have undoubtedly impacted her quality of life and ability to engage in activities she once enjoyed.

Insurance Details

  • Plaintiff's Insurance: the plaintiff did not have personal auto insurance at the time of the accident, as she was riding an electric bike. She stated, "I wasn't, I didn't have insurance, I was on a bicycle, electric bike, didn't have insurance for myself."
  • At-Fault Person's Insurance: The driver who hit the plaintiff had auto insurance through a provider believed to be called "Global Insurance" based in Fort Lauderdale. The driver had basic PIP (Personal Injury Protection) coverage. It is unknown if they had bodily injury liability coverage.

Other Relevant Details

  • There were witnesses to the accident.
  • A police report was filed, and the police determined that the other driver was at fault for the collision.
  • The plaintiff's electric bike was not totaled in the accident.
  • A claim was filed with the other driver's insurance company.
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Bike Accident: Rear-Ended While Turning Into Complex. Severe Shoulder And Lower Back Pain, Difficulty Moving. Unable To Work Since Accident. Other Driver At Fault, Has Insurance. Transported By Ambulance (Lake Worth, Florida)

End date: 04-06-2024 - 09:00:00 PM
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