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Call Transcript

Signed Retainer / Fee Agreement
Type of Accident Car Accident
Contingency fee Custom
Date of incident Feb. 2023
Accident Location Jacksonville, FL
Currently represented by attorney? No
Was The Client At Fault? No

Injuries Overview

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Summary Of Case Details

Accident Description:

  • The Plaintiff was involved in two separate incidents while on the job. One incident involved a motor vehicle accident where the Plaintiff was driving a rental vehicle and a lady swerved in front of him, causing a collision. The other incident occurred when while the plaintiff was working on the job, the Plaintiff was lifting a seemingly metal plate, which fell on his foot. 

Injuries Summary:

  • The Plaintiff had to seek medical attention for the injuries sustained in both accidents. He hurt his foot when the plate dropped on it at work. However, the specific injuries and the body parts affected from the car accident were not disclosed during the call. The Plaintiff did not provide details on the pain experienced or the severity of the injuries.

Insurance Details:

  • Plaintiff's Insurance: Ash insurance
  • At-Fault Person's Insurance: Plaintiff doesn't remember name but says they have the police report and it's listed in there

Other Relevant Details:

  • The accidents occurred while the Plaintiff was on the job.
  • The motor vehicle accident happened in a rental vehicle.
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Car Accident: Collision With Small Toyota Camry. Foot Injuries - Bruising, Swelling, Stiffness. Delay In Work For 3-5 Days. Transported To St. Vincent's Hospital. No Police Report. Was On The Clock Driving Rental Vehicle (Jacksonville, Florida)

End date: 04-06-2024 - 11:00:00 PM
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