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Signed Retainer / Fee Agreement
Type of Accident Car Accident
Contingency fee Custom
Date of incident Jun. 10, 2022
Accident Location Minneapolis, Minnesota
Currently represented by attorney? No
Was The Client At Fault? No

Injuries Overview

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Summary Of Case Details

Accident Summary:

  • On a hot summer day in June, around the 10th, the plaintiff was driving his personal vehicle in Minneapolis, Minnesota. He was stopped at a red light, waiting for it to turn green. In front of him was a woman driving a minivan who became frustrated with the long wait at the light. She impatiently tried to back out and go around the traffic to take another route. 
  • In her haste, the woman hit the plaintiff’s car with her minivan. The minivan had a tow hook on the back that got caught on the front end of his vehicle. The woman tried to pull her minivan off the plaintiff's car by going forward and backward repeatedly, but the tow hook remained stuck. She kept ramming into the plaintiff’s car in her attempts to dislodge the vehicles. 
  • the plaintiff recounted the incident: "She just kept hitting up my car from the front and she she's gonna cause the front end damage to my car." The impact was so severe that the plaintiff suffered a seizure at the scene. He remembers a police officer bringing him home afterwards, and then later going to the hospital for treatment.
  • There were several witnesses to the accident who were outside at the time. The police arrived on scene, but the plaintiff has not been able to obtain the police report in the nearly two years since the accident occurred.

Injuries Summary:

  • As a result of the repeated impacts to his vehicle, the plaintiff lost consciousness and suffered a seizure at the scene of the accident. He was taken home by the police, but later went to Hennepin County Medical Center for treatment. 
  • Since the accident, the plaintiff has experienced significant memory issues. He stated: "I have a lot of memory issues. I don't remember a lot." He went on to explain the extent of his memory problems: "I can better remember conversation that I just had with my fiance, you know, I missed out, I forget, I forget everything. I have to write things down to just remember what an hour ago."
  • These memory issues have had a substantial impact on the plaintiff’s day-to-day life in the nearly two years following the accident. He remains unable to work as a result of his injuries.

Further Damages Caused to Plaintiff by Accident 

  • Unable to work: the plaintiff has been out of work since the accident occurred in June nearly two years ago. The memory issues resulting from the crash have made it impossible for him to return to his job.
  • Ongoing memory problems: the plaintiff suffers from debilitating memory loss that affects his ability to recall even recent conversations. He must write things down to remember what happened just an hour prior. This has significantly impacted his daily functioning and quality of life.

Insurance Details:

  • Plaintiff’s Insurance: the plaintiff believes his insurance at the time of the accident was Progressive. He is unsure if he has uninsured motorist coverage. His fiancée typically handles the insurance matters.
  • At Fault Persons Insurance: the plaintiff does not have any information about the at-fault drivers insurance coverage. 

Other Relevant Details:

  • the plaintiff was wearing his seatbelt at the time of the accident. He was the sole occupant of his vehicle.
  • The accident caused front-end damage to the plaintiff’s car, but it was not totaled. 
  • the plaintiff does not know if his fiancée filed an insurance claim for the accident. He has been unable to obtain the police report, despite trying for nearly two years.
  • the plaintiff is currently unmarried and lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota.
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Car Accident: Plaintiff Suffered Seizure And Memory Issues After Car Hooked On Defendant's Tow Hitch And Repeatedly Rammed. Front-End Damage To Vehicle. Transported To Hospital By Police. Unable To Work Since Accident (Minneapolis, Minnesota)

End date: 04-06-2024 - 09:00:00 PM
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