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Signed Retainer / Fee Agreement
Type of Accident Truck Accident
Contingency fee Custom
Date of incident Sept. 14, 2023
Accident Location Pensacola, Florida
Currently represented by attorney? No
Was The Client At Fault? No

Injuries Overview

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Summary Of Case Details

Accident Summary:

  • On September 14th, 2023, the plaintiff was driving in the left-hand lane on Mobile Highway in Pensacola, Florida, heading towards her apartment. Suddenly, a large black Chevy four-by-four truck that was initially in the right-hand lane swerved into the plaintiff's lane without signaling. The truck forcefully drove the plaintiff's vehicle into the barrier on the side of the highway. In the plaintiff's own words, "he just got over" without warning. Despite the plaintiff “honking [her] horn, wailing on [her] horn to let him know [she's] right here," the truck driver continued driving and fled the scene, leaving the plaintiff and her special needs son, who was in the back seat, shaken and injured.

Injuries Summary:

  • As a result of the collision, the plaintiff suffered from neck pain and low back pain. The neck pain was so severe that, as the plaintiff described, "I cannot put my neck down to look at my feet without feeling the tingling all the way down to my feet." Her low back pain has also significantly impacted her daily life, as she stated, "with the low back, I have to have things picked up from the floor for me." the plaintiff also reported experiencing headaches, memory issues, and sensitivity to light following the accident.

Further Damages Caused To Plaintiff By Accident:

  • Emotional distress: the plaintiff's special needs son, who is nonverbal and 21 years old, was in the back seat of the car during the accident. Since the incident, the plaintiff reported that "he hasn't, he won't leave the house," indicating the severe emotional trauma experienced by her son.
  • Inability to carry out daily activities: Due to her injuries, the plaintiff has been unable to perform her usual activities and responsibilities. She stated, "I do a lot of sitting," and mentioned that she requires assistance with tasks such as picking things up from the floor.
  • Exacerbation of pre-existing conditions: the plaintiff disclosed that she has multiple sclerosis (MS), which has prevented her from working. The accident has likely compounded the challenges she already faces due to her MS, making her daily life even more difficult.
  • Vehicle damage: the plaintiff's personal vehicle, which she was driving at the time of the accident, sustained damage that has not been repaired. She confirmed that the car is "still damaged" but not totaled.

Insurance Details:

  • Plaintiff's Insurance: Rainbow Insurance. the plaintiff mentioned that she does not have uninsured motorist coverage, stating, "apparently not, because my car is still not fixed."
  • At-Fault Person's Insurance: Unknown, as the driver of the large Chevy truck fled the scene without providing any information.

Other Relevant Details:

  • Hit-and-run: The driver of the Chevy truck did not stop after the collision and fled the scene.
  • Police report: Although it took an hour and a half for the police to arrive at the scene, the plaintiff confirmed that a police report was filed.
  • No witnesses: To the plaintiff's knowledge, no one else stopped at the scene of the accident to provide witness statements.
  • Medical treatment: the plaintiff saw her doctor the week following the accident, as the collision occurred on a weekend.
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Truck Accident: Hit-And-Run By Large Chevy Truck. Neck Pain With Tingling Down To Feet, Low Back Pain. Can't Look Down Or Pick Things Up. Plaintiff's Special Needs Son Traumatized. Vehicle Damaged (Pensacola, Florida)

End date: 04-06-2024 - 09:01:00 PM
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